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Market leaders with deep relationships and extensive experience in raising capital through digital token sales.

We are a team of global marketing leaders who have been at the forefront of the latest technologies and marketing strategies that have come and gone over the past two decades.


Early to Final Stage Capital Raising

Legal & Compliance

Roadmap and Brand Strategy

Tax Optimization

ICO Structure, Strategy & Execution

Platform and Technology Development

Personalized Marketing Plan & Execution

Security Audits

Sublime Digital Asset Management

Customized and Compliant Tokenization and Creation of Digital Assets

We are being propelled into Digital Capital Evolution, which is impacting our economy at such a rapid speed that it can no longer be neglected. Even traditional economic and political structures are being forced to adopt its increasing impact.

Refashioned by a large number of developments within the crypto space, such as the accelerated global adoption of blockchain technology, commoditization of bitcoin as ‘digital gold’ and Ethereum’s ECR20 foundation for the rapid increase of tokenized assets as either a security or utility. This has resulted in a self-governed, mathematical and programmatically automated market, which has never happened before.

This metamorphic and volatile state challenges society’s assumptions, encourages innovation and conceives infinite possibilities, which reach far beyond our current understanding.

At Sublime Group, we are pioneering the exploration of the industry’s escalating value with visionary technical and financial experts, influencer insights, extensive qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. On top of that, we have constructed a revolutionary internal digital asset fund along with other highly accredited investors. Therefore, we are not only able to distinguish ourselves with our in-depth understanding of this new emerging digital capital market, but we are also able to utilize our internal fund to ensure our clients’ needed capital.

In our attempt to unlock the aptitude of this evolving industry, along with our ICO services, we provide the opportunity for selected clients to utilize this fund as launch capital. It is our commitment to our clients and an investment in their forthcoming success.


We are the worlds leading end-to-end solution in helping business raise funds through tokenization and the creation of digital assets.

Clients considering raising funds through tokenization and creation of digital assets need and should demand the best in overall investment banking services, industry knowledge, relationships and senior level experience. In the complex crypto sector, we believe no other firm offers a higher set of skills, expertise and mission critical advice to leading CEOs and industry decision makers. When you want to explore your firm’s full potential, consider Sublime’s full suite of strategic and financial advisory services. We bring our comprehensive and unique approach to your firm to maximize value to your stakeholders.

Our Investment and Strategy Team

Teamwork has always been a central tenet to our relationships, which in turn adds value to our clients. We continue to develop our strengths and culture of building lasting relationships, as further investment in our world class team.

Rishan Bhagowat

Founder and Managing Director

Rishan is an entrepreneur at heart and has set up, scaled and exited several successful multinational businesses ever since completing his studies and board exams in Actuarial Science. His passion and expertise lies in connecting life changing technology with capital to bring more joy into the world. Rishan is an angel investor in DroneClouds and RYDE Inc and serves on various boards of companies which share his vision.

Alisha Bhagowat

VP Operations

Alisha is both highly analytical and attentive and has extensive experience in examining large quantities of data and information to make both operational and strategic decisions. After receiving a BSc in Actuarial Science and Economics, she began her career at Accenture as a Strategy Consultant, where she focused on solving her clients’ most pressing challenges at the intersection of business and technology. She then went on to lead a prominent player in the performance marketing industry.

Tineke Zwart

VP Corporate Development

Tineke is a talented business generalist and has the ability to direct different aspects of a business allowing them collaborate and function optimally and ultimately enabling a company to thrive. She has studied over multiple locations in the world, finally completing her master’s at Lund University in Sweden.  She has made her presence and value known in both startups and large corporate organizations, taking them to the next level.

Michael Slater

VP Marketing

Michael is a qualified lawyer and marketing expert. He is fully engaged with the current international regulatory situation and the legal positions of several significant jurisdictions. As such he understands that openness and clear communication are of utmost importance, especially on uncertain legal topics within this volatile industry. He also has substantial experience in the digital marketing industry of more than 4 years, in which he was involved over various aspects from creative construction to stakeholder management.



Total Market Cap: $714, 531, 241 USD

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